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Re: DA 12-24mm

I've just reacquainted myself with the e-photozine review and it's plenty sharp at 24mm particularly the centre.

It's designed to have better corners at wide focal length because it's a landscape lens.

I've used it once at a wedding because I had a small room and shot portrait at 24mm, the result was staggeringly good. Eye sharpness was excellent. So centre sharpness was key in that situation.

You should take the term "sharpness" in context and with a grain of salt. All the Pentax mid range lenses are actually very good.

Because it's a wide, it loves megapixels and I preferred using k3 to my k5. With wide, the subject is usually further away and therefore having more mp helps with detail.

It requires some distortion correction in post.

With the newer 11-18 here, there may be a few 12-24s on the market at a reasonable cost.

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