Full Frame Mirrorless vs APS-C DSLR

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Re: Full Frame Mirrorless vs APS-C DSLR

The Mad Kiwi wrote:

The reality is that all modern cameras produce good enough images for 99% of photography.


That said I'd buy a mirrorless body, they're much nicer to use than dslrs, WYSIWYG viewfinders and much easier use than optical viewfinders,

But here's the problem with advising other people - I disagree strongly with what you say above. Every mirrorless camera I've tried feels clumsy in the hand compared with mu DSLRs that fit beautifully; the controls are either of a type I don't like or are poorly laid out (or both). And as I shoot raw the viewfinder is miles away from WYSIWIG so it's just a distraction. I can think of no viewfinder easier to use than one that shows me the scene rather than some programmer's idea of how it should look.

focus points all over the frame etc

A nice addition but I can't say I've ever run out of AF points using my DSLRs.

If my budget was under $1000 and weight was a main consideration I'd be looking at M43 rather than FF.

And mine would be the cheaper Pentax DSLRs such as K-70 - 688g and Pentax has a range of very light-weight lenses.

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