Olympus E-M1 II vs. Canon 5D Mark II

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Re: Olympus E-M1 II vs. Canon 5D Mark II

I find this pretty interesting to read. I have been shooting with an E-M1 and a E-M10 Mark II and I just recently picked up a Canon 5D Mark II because the noise was bothering me.

This is my take on the whole thing. For the E-M1 I own the battery grip and the 12-40 f2.8 Pro as well as the 40-15mm f2.8 Pro. I also shoot with about a dozen vintage lenses that I mount on Lens Turbo II adapters for the most part. I have been using it on a 3+ days a week and know that setup quite well.

On the canon side I have the 5D Mark II with the battery grip, the L Finder and the Sigma Art 35mm f1.4. I also have adapters with the focus confirmation chip in them for my various vintage lenses. This setup is new to me but the Canon is much more straight ahead to use and I am getting comfortable with it.

I think if you are shooting stationary objects and are not worried about images that are larger than about 20 MP then keep the M43 system and don't worry about it. Where I feel the M43 system shows it's limitations is when I try and shoot moving subjects, indoors or in low light. For example people in real life situations with no flash. Image stabilization does nothing for you the only option is to crank the ISO like crazy and it looks plain out bad. The best luck I had for this was using fast old manual lenses on the Lens Turbo II mounts. I would use a zenitar 50mm f1.7 for example and with the Lens Turbo II they claim to add an entire stop of light. I tested this the best I could and it seems true more or less. That makes that lens about a f.8. But then you are manual and wide open in the dark so your focusing better be pretty dam good.

For me I can also say that I do notice the extra resolution going from 16-21MP. So I know if you are shooting with the E-M1 Mark II that is not an issue for you.

Let's just say it bothered me enough to buy the 5D Mark II at $600 and the fast Sigma 35mm F1.4 used for $500 just so I could have it for indoor use. Also since the fast majority of lenses that I shoot with are designed for 35mm film I notice that I simply enjoy those lenses way more on the 35mm sensor. The L finder solves the no tilt screen thing for me

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