32 mp really?

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Re: 32 mp really?

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If 4K is roughly 8mp, a 6.7mp still displays superbly on my 42” tv (3ft on the long edge). 12mp D700/300 had enough detail to see individual eye-lashes of a portrait shot, and there is even more detail within the 20mp EM1 mkiI or G9 images.

What is the advantage of going to 32mp?

For your use case, watching the full area of the captured image on a legacy TV, there is no advantage to higher resolution sensors, now or ever.

But that is not how all images are used, all the time, by all photographers.

Personally, I’d prefer a 8000x6000 (or even better 12kx9k) sensor. Sonys 100MP FF sensor will be very interesting to see in action for instance. And if you go to optyzcne.pl and check out their multisample shots from the S1r, you’ll get an appreciation for just how much information is lost by low resolution sensor sampling, (and just how far we have to go to get rid of sensor sampling effects on the final image.)

Don’t get me wrong, I am under no illusion with how much information is lost when using a lower resolution sensor, but how much of that can you actually see when viewing an image? Does it only become apparent when you are told that one was shot at 8mp vs 100mp

If you displayed a 3x2ft image shot at 8mp vs 100mp and viewed at a suitable distance to appreciate the image. Would you really see a difference? Or is it only when you start looking at a

pixel peeping level

that is the exactly what it comes down to... viewing distance. This has been said so many times in the past on this forum and will continue to have this conversation pertaining to viewing distances & pixel peeping in the future.

Viewing distance of course plays a critical part , but I have found that very large prints seem to encourage folk to move closer to look at the fine detail I have a 72" wide panoramic photo framed on my living room wall { stitched from half a dozen A7rIII shots }.

It is a very detailed view from a mountain overlooking the area I live in . Folks reactions are typically wow look at the size of that , then they invariably move closer to see the fine detail . I think that "Where's Wally?" syndrome is part of human nature

that the detail stands out?

Thanks to all who responded.

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