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Gesture wrote:

The situation is a bit similar to when Olympus migrated from full Four Thirds to micro Four Thirds.

As time goes on, the A-Mount lens should get more affordable (YEAH), except the cost of FE lenses probably keeps them attractive to some FE mount full frame users (BOO).

The issue becomes when the extant A bodies become less desirable. This has happened more swiftly with Olympus Four Thirds because the sensor size never went beyond 12 MP, I believe, and the bodies (While good with good lenses) are nowhere near as modern as the last A mount DSLRS/DSLTS in terms of focus points, focus versatility, focus points, ISO performance, viewing options, sensor refinement, etc.

So I think the A mount will remain attractive for a while, especially for those of us who like to go Back to the Future.

I don't see this trend that time goes on and A-mount lenses are more affordable.

If compared brand new E-mount and A-mount lenses the latest is even sometimes more expensive.... So I'm sorry but you're scenario won't happen.

If considered second hand then yes the A-mount lenses are way less expensive.

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