Dynamic Range of the Human Eye (pt 2)

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Dynamic Range of the Human Eye (pt 2)

I've never restarted a maxed out thread, but this one sounded really interesting to me. Saw a couple things I wanted to reply to, and Doh ! All full... WTH ?!

Anyway, that link that JACS originally posted was pretty hardcore, but it might mean more to some of you.


When JACS quoted 6.5 stops, I don't think that number is really important, as our eyesight is not static.

A few sentences later, the article says > The human eye can detect a luminance range of 1014, or one hundred trillion (100,000,000,000,000) (about 46.5 f-stops...

Holy $%#$ ! Maybe "your eyes" can detect that much. I'm lucky if I can see enough to find my glasses lol

Okay, in all seriousness, I think most people with decent eyesight, can probably detect (by scanning around and letting their eyes adjust) maybe 18 to 22 stops. And I want to capture the same, in my HDR images.

Somebody made the comment, that the ways our eyes work, constantly scanning around and adjusting, its kind of like HDR for our eyes lol I love that analogy ! No wonder I like HDR so much

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