Need information on your thoughts, V2 and 10 100 lens.

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Re: Need information on your thoughts, V2 and 10 100 lens.

Gee thanks;

i wish to thank all who took the time to pass along information. To help clarify my needs? walking, I can no longer walk long distance, about 100 to 200 yards and I have to set down or go back home, the pain is so intense in my lower back its no longer worth staying out.

It becomes even worse trying to "lug" heavier gear. I've for the most part quit wildlife shooting my 80 400 g just too much to haul around, even my RRS tripod too is a burden.

One of you posters made mention of a V2 and 10 30 lens? as a starting point? I too am thinking thats a fair start. As for Nikon AF P lenses, I no longer care about them, what i have in inventory will do all I care too.

I sometimes walk in our historic home district, and as to what I carry? on the bigger side, a D610 24 120 F4, getting to be a beast for me, next D7100 18 140 better, but it takes a toll on me.

Now more and more I carry my D3300, or 5300, 18 55 VRII, and 35 DX, I love the system, but the 3300 has some draw backs? weight fine but??

I'll keep exploring my options, and see what works for me. I know I'm just about to the end of my photo times, I don't plan on making expensive purchases, not to end up on a shelf.

Thats why Nikons new Z series holds no interest for me, a friend has Z6 and 24 70 F4 and i held it and looked it over too much money and not a weight saver.

A very hardy thanks.     "dog house riley"

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