New updates for Sony cameras (3.01 not 3.00) released

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Re: New updates for Sony cameras (3.01 not 3.00) released

jonpais wrote:

Magnar W wrote:

voronspb wrote:

jonpais wrote:

voronspb wrote:

nebulla wrote:

stability could mean anything

In the first place it means "we really don't want you to know".

It’s a conspiracy.

And they basically don't tell us what the problem is.

They did. Camera stability issues.

🤙 the update also increases low light performance, reduces dust build up on sensor, improves dynamic range, extends shutter longevity by 100,000 actuations and improves eye AF speed by .03 milliseconds.

I checked mine, and I am only seeing 0.015 ms improvement in the AF speed after the firmware update. Do I have a dud? Should I return it?

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