How to SDQ Firmware downgrade?

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Re: How to SDQ Firmware downgrade?

Ceistinne wrote:

PlopAzul wrote:

I purchased an SDQ and the camera work ok but, as the firmware was a bit old, I upgraded with the last firmware (1.12) from SIGMA and the process was OK and now there are some new nice features as generating DNG files, etc. BUT now, the view finder, when in live view, has a very very poor resolution and is unuseful. When you review the pictures the resolution is correct. Before the upgrade, viewfinder resolution was good for me, so I would like to go back to a previous firmware version but I don´t know how to do that or if it is possible.

Please help!

PlopAzul ,

You cannot go back to earlier firmware (unless by some kind of hack). Anyway the latest firmware contains everything that was in the earlier updates except where a bug might have been deleted or changed for the better.

I do not believe that any FW update affected the EVF in any way.


I would agree with that, the screen should not be affected, I would try downloading a fresh firmware file (1.12) and reload it on the camera, unlike previous models the SDQH and presumably the SDQ does allow firmware of the same level to be reloaded on to the camera. This was done as a possible fix to overheating problems that never got confirmation as to whether it did or did not fix that problem. it is possible that Sigma has disabled this reload feature in the latest firmware , I was on V1.04 when I did it.


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