Cybershot HX vs RX, crushing the numbers.

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Cybershot HX vs RX, crushing the numbers.

all of us know the problem about the plague of phones nowadays that put the camera companies running for the hills, they panicked and sounded the retreat way before time, if you ask me.

Mid range compact camera are safe. the phones will never caught up. Not only because limitations of physics but also because their target costumers don't want proper lens in their devices.

Today my camera just remind me how hard can punch.

After a long and stressful day at work I went with my hx50, to take some photos. I'm not up to date with the news about new models and when I came to this forum, all I see is Rx's, I rarely see topics about Hx's.

So I went to see and according to DP numbers there are since 2012 to 2018. (I did not taken into account the bridge versions on both series)

Hx20 - 53 users                                                   rx100 - 1197 users

Hx 30 - 20 users

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HX 50 - 134 users rx100 MK II - 697 users


Hx60 - Doesn't say rx100 MK III - 926 users


Hx90 - 133 users rx100 MK IV - 489 users


Hx80 - 33 users rx100 MK V - 318 users


Hx95 - 0 users rx100 MK V A - 49

Hx99 - 8 users rx100 MK VI - 219


And that's why.

HX99 is the first worthy update that I can call an update from my camera that was released back in 2013. But took a hit in range. But in retrospective I'm glad to see that they didn't forget us (HX users) And perhaps that feeling about the following model not being a truly update it's got more to do with being a mid range and takes longer to implement changes and not lose money.

Development of RX's and Alphas 7 might have to do with it too.

older models might be more consolidated in the market than newer ones, but in this forum only 8 people have Hx99? This scare me.

And a world wide forum and is this what we can came up? +- 4000 cameras? Surely this numbers are wrong.

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