Need information on your thoughts, V2 and 10 100 lens.

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Re: Need information on your thoughts, V2 and 10 100 lens.

dog house riley wrote:


I'm having serious problems with my mobility, and I've had recommendations to try the Nikon 1 system?

Doing some research on my own, thinking of maybe trying to move to the V2 and a lens and FT-1 and use my lenses?? [AFS]

If someone would pass along their thoughts on this system.

Extended walking in my biggest problem, i have some serious back problems! I don't want to give up photography?but something has to give!

You can check my gear list and see the current gear I have.

My favorite shooting method is "street" our local zoo, and just getting out.

So far the V2 seems to have many features I'd use most, not interested in mirrorless, and not interested in brands other than Nikon, been with them for over 30 years too late to shop around.

If desired, I'd be happy to give more information. A bit of info-- I'm almost 73, and yes several health problems.

I feel my chief enemy is weight? Please pass along your thoughts.

"dog house riley"

Your situation is very close to my own. I've been using Nikon cameras and lenses since the early 1970's, and I'm also over 70. Until the last couple years I was able to walk around for a couple of miles with a DX body, the 200-500, a serious carbon fibre tripod, and a Really Right Stuff BH-55 ball head. And before that it was a 300/2.8 and a TC20E on an even bigger tripod with a gimbal head.

I bought a J1 body with 10-30 off CraigsList mostly out of curiosity and was instantly in love with the N1 system. I've built up my system now to cover most everything. I've got two V2 bodies plus one V1. Now when I do a walkabout I take a V2 with the 70-300cx lens instead of a D7200 and 200-500 and leave the tripod at home. I take the 10-100 on the second V2 body for everything else. That, plus a couple of extra batteries (necessary with the V2's) is liberating compared to the weight of the DX stuff.

I've got the 6.7-13 for wide use, and the 10/2.8 just because I found one at a nice price. I use the 18.5/1.8 a lot more than either of these and tend to keep it mounted on the V1.

You say you're "not interested in mirrorless." Just to be clear, all the N1 system cameras are mirrorless. But the V2 is most like a DSLR in looks and control placement. The electronic viewfinder of the V series bodies is essential for me with longer focal length and when outside in bright light.

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