X-T1 to X-T3 or X-T30 - rejoice or regret?

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Re: X-T1 to X-T3 or X-T30 - rejoice or regret?

Bath wrote:

I like the T30, but have a bit of buyer's remorse when I pick up the T1 and remember how much better the ergonomics are.

I had a similar experience - new to Fuji, and picked up the XT30 without an opportunity to try it first.  It felt much too small to me when paired with the kit zoom (the 35 f2 was fine, though).  I ultimately returned it for the XT3 (this time I saw it in person first) and I'm now much happier with the ergonomics; the large price difference was worth it to me.  I imagine that the weather sealing may prove beneficial for shooting cycling, as well.

I didn't have any trouble shooting my wife at her track practice yesterday - slower than cycling, but I imagine that the tracking autofocus challenges are somewhat similar in terms of singling out a subject in a pack moving in a linear fashion.

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