LUMIX LX100 II: Reduce JPG Shot brightness without affecting RAW

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Re: You can do this - some samples

edhume wrote:

" ... might have to get used to always processing RAW." Indeed. For free raw, there is the Silkypix that came with your camera (mine was v3.5; I upgraded to v7 when the version limited to Panasonics was $38; upgrading to 8SE was free) or Rawtherapee (an open soure raw editor). Affinity hass working with raw built-in, but it costs a little.

Overall, you will probably like working with raw. I would never go back.

I want to work with RAW but I am finding RW2 to be less and less RAW than I expected.

Here is what I mean:

Panasonic's own software shows and saves only partial raw files.  Silkypix is doing some sort of lens correction or cropping which I cannot turn off by choice.  I also note that the files saved have been "developed" ... i.e. brightened.  It seems that the software assumes I don't want to start with the RW2 file as it is, (I.,e. RAW untouched) and applies a host of things which I am not completely aware of and cannot control.

Corel has a RAW converter associated with its PaintShop Pro... this has its own host of issues converting from RW2, including a sort of local tone mapping/contrast processing which is not controllable... and it too applies its own brightened exposure development.   It has support for 16-bit per channel images so you would think it would be easy to have a simple and direct RAW conversion... but no.

Turns out also that Corel After Shot Pro CANNOT read RW2 files from my camera... because it does not have a "profile" for the LUMIX LX100 II.

Luckily I happen to have astrophotography software... (yup scientists are sticklers) which can load the RW2 file without any modification except perhaps debayering.  Currently I am having to save these as TIFF's prior to export to other programs which is not ideal...

Any tips on something useful which also can read RW2 AS RAW files?

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