Why do ppl prefer ricoh GR for "street photo"and not Sony RX100

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Guy Parsons
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vallhall wrote:


I have no experience with street photo,

First we need to worry about what is "street photography" and that could take a whole 150 posts on its own.

Not a question that works well in any forum, best to ask here so you get a Sony community answer and not the wild west of replies that you get in the clone thread over in the often silly Open Talk.

"Street" often gets down to picking on unfortunates and displaying their misery for all to see without the subject's permission. Sometimes it is simply what we see in the street, be it people or be it funny signs or whatever. Travel photography to strange places often is "street" photography.

Go study what they get up to in https://www.dpreview.com/forums/1052 but don't post any questions or comments there. It mostly looks like the random travel shots that I take, whatever takes my eye I shoot.

but why is Ricoh GR favorite?.

Some use it, sure. There's plenty of camera snobbery about using a fixed focal length lens, some hangover from the old masters who had no alternative back in the 50's or whenever.

Ricoh have always been good at making useful cameras that are user friendly.

Meanwhile, wake up, you fixed lens snobs, the zoom lenses and higher ISO do work well in the 21st century.

I mean the Sony RX100 has sharp lenses, amazing af, EVF and not least zoom

Explain for me plz

Yes, (we are talking about the RX100 M6 here), it's an ideal camera for any kind of photography, "street" included.

I took plenty of "street" type shots on my Singapore holiday with the RX100 M6, but I won't show them on the Internet as the subjects gave me no permission to do so and I sought no permission as they are my images to look at by me only. Some general overall scenes where no particular person is the subject is a different matter, as long as it was shot in a public space.

Anyway, to add a tiny bit of interest, I'd call this street photography, it's a shot of a gozleme stall in The Rocks area in Sydney.

24mm equivalent needed to fit it all in.

I did ask the lady if OK to shoot and that's why she is smiling. Probably thinking "why does this old goat think this is interesting enough to photograph?"

The next one is as far as I would usually go for showing my shots, nobody is featured and nobody is seen to be doing something that could be interpreted as insulting or belittling their behaviour, just a normal street scene in Sydney Rocks area, and a couple of meters away from the above shot.

Street photography is often simply the street with no particular point of interest, just an image to set the scene. This one at 46mm equivalent and I can see lack of depth of field issues already with the 1" sensor. The focus seems to be on the group just in front when I should have focused on the two girls on the left as a better compromise. Reduced to 1000  pixels wide here so errors not so obvious.

Just one more, and even this is "street" as it was a scene that took my eye and was taken from the street not too far away from the first two shots.....

Cruise ship in town, at 81mm equivalent. It sure helps to have that nice zoom, a 35mm fixed lens view would have zero impact. The shot is all about the bear.

Regards.... Guy

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