Questions before buying RX100 VI

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Re: Questions before buying RX100 VI

JeremyB2 wrote:

Thank you to the additional folks who have added their comments. All very helpful and much appreciated. I suspect that my Googling skills must be failing because I had attempted to find the full Sony manual but kept on coming up with the 'Help Guide' and the 'Instruction Manual'. Guy - your suggestion that a specific Google search may take one directly to the required area within the manual is a good idea.

I'm leaning towards the Alexander White book having downloaded the first few pages onto my iPad. I'm debating whether to go for the paperback version or the Kindle version. The paperback is more expensive but it's a lot easier flicking backwards and forwards between sections of a paperback than it is on an iPad. Does anyone have the paperback version? Is the font size reasonably large and are the photos and graphics clear. They are very good on the iPad version. J.

The two main reasons I prefer the Kindle version is 1.) Portability and 2.) Being able to search for a key word or words such as "Memory Recall" and having the relevant locations shown in the search results panel where I can click to easily read. Also, I keep the book on my Kindle App on my iPhone, desktop & laptop computers so it's readily available wherever I may be. If you purchase directly from Alexander White's publisher's site you can receive 3 download links for Kindle, E-books & PDF versions by clicking the large "BUY EBOOK" button.

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