Blackrapid strap almost killed $9000 worth of gear

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Re: BR still in business, somehow, despite the haters...hmmmm....

camerosity wrote:

SolB wrote:

Blair Howard wrote:

Oh my Gawd, my Black Rapid Strap failed on me today and dropped my D800e with a 24-70 2.8 lens, now I got a nice little crack on my D800e body! Thanks @blackrapid !!!!

Just ordered these and hope they provide backup in the event of a BS failure

I've been using a Black Rapid Curve strap since December, 2017 without issue. Used it with my D750 and now with my D810 and soon with my D850. If the product were as bad as some on this forum say it is, BR would surely be out of business by now based on lawsuits or plain bad reviews. But somehow they are still in business and still selling their products. They also have a handy wrist strap for smartphones that allows me to carry my phone around my wrist while I walk (for security in cities when I don't want any yahoo to yank my $1000 iPhone from my hand).

Thanks for the link, I ordered this and will use it. My BR strap is brilliant because I can hike with my DSLR around my shoulder, and then bring it up to my eye immediately if I want to take a photo. Carrying a heavy DSLR around my neck doesn't work because of the weight on my neck and the fact that it gets wet when my sweat drips off my forehead, as well as just bouncing around all over the place if I don't hold on to it.

Yes, I like the way the BR strap distributes the weight and these extra tethers will provide some extra peace of mind. These tethers look a little stronger than the other single nylon string types available. Not sure if I'll use both at the same time. Will see once they arrive.

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