Keeping a lens clean

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Re: Keeping a lens clean

smithim wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

smithim wrote:

Dave7878 wrote:

What is the best way to keep the lens clean? I have heard the Zeiss wipes are very good. I know there are also brushes and microfiber clothes. What do you think is the best way. And should the lens be cleaned after every use?

I use filters fitted for protection, and thus have never had to clean the lens itself.

Many people may not like this, but it's always worked for me....

If I have to clean a filter, then it's a Giotto blower first, then a microfibre cloth - if that doesn't work, then a Zeiss wipe.

Unsurprisingly, that works just as well on the lens element

Probably, but I wouldn't know - all my lenses surfaces are as pristine as the day that I bought them

Same here.

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