Sony 24-105mm F4 OR Tamron 28-75mm

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Re: Sony 24-105mm F4 OR Tamron 28-75mm

tuudeloo wrote:

I have been wanting to get an all-round lens, and these two stood out. I have rented both lens to try and I must say Im even more confused over the 2 lenses.

I shoot mainly landscapes with the occasional street/travel photography.

I loved the extra FL of the sony, but the tamron was lighter and easier to handle, and the speed proved useful sometimes. Im slightly favouring the tamron due to the weight, looks and speed but I dont want to lose what the sony has to offer in terms of versatility, which i value greatly too.

I already own a 35mm f/28.

Would you follow your "heart" or your "head"?

Disclaimer: I opted for the 24-105mm myself.

As to your decision process, here are some thoughts:

1. Do you carry multiple lenses, now and in the future?

You mention the 35 f/2.8, which will give you f/2.8 indoors. The Tamron might make this lens obsolete.

OTOH, I prefer f/2.0, or faster, lenses indoors and would carry lenses such as the 28/2.0 or the 55/1.8. I also love the Batis 85/1.8 for indoor portraits under low light.

If you were to add any such lenses to your stable, the then Tamron will not get much use at f/.28.

2. Do you want a single lens solution?

The Tamon can be used a a single lens. It is essentially similar to the basic kit 28-70 Sony zoom lens, but gives you a very practical f/2.8 aperture.

However, I did purchase the original A7 with the kit 28-70 zoom lens, and I found that to be not a wonderful focal range - you give up at both the wide and the long range, and especially the wide is often rather inconvenient.

The slightly extended range of the 24-105 makes this  a much more versatile lens.

I actually went from the Sony 28-70 kit lens to the 24-240 AIO Sony zoom lens, and found that I did not use this lens much past 128mm, and also would not touch this lens when lights would dim.

The Sony 24-105 captures almost all of the practical zoom range, to me, and yields an f/4 constant aperture, which does let me 'get by' after dark or indoors if lights are not too dim. Practically, I would also carry the FE28/2.0 for low light.

3. SW Support?

I still have copies of LR on my PCs, and not in the cloud. This 'last' LR version does support the Sony FE24-105, but not the Tamron 24-75, as the latter was too new to be included in the 'last' LR version. I know that I will have to migrate to the cloud version at some point, but I still prefer having LR running locally on my PC.

Perhaps not a big enough reason to many, but one that mattered to me.

And yes, the PC's are aging

4. Purpose - street and travel?

For street photography, do consider alternatives. E.g. the 16-35 coupled with a 70-300 lets you be much adaptive to close and far action that the 24-105. Often, in 'far' scenes, 105 is not ideal. Neither is 24mm for 'nearby' scenes.

I used to travel with the 16-35 and 24-240 and found that the most versatile day-time setup, however at night I would switch to the FE28 and FE55, sometimes with the 21mm adapter as well. Now with the switch to 24-105 I have essentially 'lightened' my load somewhat, but in terms of a two-lens solution the effect is negligable (same carry bags).

Akin to my experience with the 28-70 kit lens, the Tamron will come up short in my view for an all-around lens, even though it has f/2.8 aperture.

5. Landscapes?

For landscapes you don't need (nor want) f/2.8. Enough said.

6. Other ideas?

I do also have the 35mm f/2.8. It is a great and small lens, and can be used solely as a 'all around' lens. The FOV is wide enough, and the aperture is fast enough to cover many situation. Yes, you do not have wide nor tele nor fast, but consider this as an 'alternative' single lens solution versus the Tamron.

i would favor the Tamron if placed specifically against the FE28 or FE55 lenses (by themselves), but would favor a set of FE28+FE55 over the Tamron (for aperture).

Using only the FE35 versus the Tamron is somewhat of a Tamron win, but the compactness of the FE35 is rather appealing.

7. Last thoughts.

As I also have the FE1635 and B85, I would be fine with a 28-75 focal range. And to me, the FE24105 wins in terms of the extended focal range as a single lens. Both the Tamron and the Sony are somewhat 'jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none' to me, but I would be more comfortable being out with just the Sony than with just the Tamron.


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