how to enable IBIS with lens supporting VC.

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Re: how to enable IBIS with lens supporting VC.

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I had warped image problems with Tamron lens when Elec. Shutter and VC are enabled. I would like to turn off VC on the lens and enable IBIS on Z6. But vibration reduction menu is greyed out when the Tamron lens is attached. Is there any way to enable IBIS in such case?

Depending on how brave you are...

The VR (VC) mechanism can be disabled inside the lens tube, but you have to open the lens and find a way to block the VC motor from working. I don't know how to do that in a Tamron, but the Nikon lenses I opened, this can be done pretty easy. What is important is that the VR lens element MUST stay locked in the center after the operation, just as it is if you switch it off in a normal way, otherwise you will get other problems.

Here is a series of pictures from my last "lens opening", some of it shows the VR parts. It's a Nikon 1 10-30, but the principal is the same. the short answer is: No, you can't disable the VC and use IBIS, unless you modify the lens.

Wow, you did that?! I am not handy and brave enough to open the lens.

I am afraid that disabling VC mechanically won't help here. I think Z6 gets information on whether lens supports VR electronically, then decides use lens VR or IBIS.

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