Is It capture the memory, or Photographic excellence?

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Re: Is It capture the memory, or Photographic excellence?


I have thought long and hard about this over the last couple of years. From a personal point , while I always have an interest in gear being a scientist as well as pro photographer, I have arrived at “a camera is a camera etc” conclusion. Paul Elleridge has a remarkable body of work using just an iPhone

But a salient point is what really is the point of any image?

Memory, Art , technique, gear? My wife sometimes observes that she thinks I’m more interested in the process than the result. I have to agree as much as I deny it!

After looking at and studying many photographers I have arrived at my personal demarcation. A good photographer

-knows how to control of manipulate light

-fundamentally produces a good composition

A great photographer does all that plus

-tells a story or at least forces the observer to think and arrive at his or her own conclusion. Photography is, after all, a visual language

Based on this somewhat simple demarcation, means to me that for a memory or a fine art, there is no separation. A great photograph will always be a great photograph regardless... it will have that “WOW” factor.

Recently I have experimenting with the constructed narrative aka Inspired by People like Gregory Crewdson.  In that vein, I’ve actually gone back to film using multiple exposures to capture time, change and entropy themes. It is a work in progress but I’m currently working on a memory theme involving the concept of memories as we remember and dreams which are a recollection of an event in our life. To me it is all of the things discussed above, a memory, a process, a message as I saw it, a technique and hopefully it will stimulate the observer to arrive at his or her own interpretation. What it is not, is gear centric!

Just my 2 cents worth and responding to a what I thought was an interesting missive.


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