Ricoh GM predicts some will move back to DSLR?

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Re: Link to the interview and quote

Don Lacy wrote:

lilBuddha wrote:

Don Lacy wrote:

Mark9473 wrote:

wklee wrote:

DSLRs have their own benefits: users can enjoy the beautiful image through the optical viewfinder and then ... they can imagine the consequence of taking the picture.

That's it right there. Having to imagine the effect of your settings, versus actually seeing it in an EVF.

Yeah why would you want to learn the craft of photography and be so attuned to light that you actually know what your doing so much better to look at a small tv screen and still get it wrong.

I shoot DLSR and mirrorless and this statement of yours makes no sense. An OVF doesn't show any light the eye does not see before putting a viewfinder to eye. If one is "attuned" to one's craft, one has a good idea what the shot will be before turning the camera on.

Actually you do get it the post I replied to said you needed the EVF to show you what the image will look like before you take it.

That isn’t exactly what the words say.

If you know what your doing you don’t.

by That logic, light meters are crutches as well.

An EVF is a tool. Use it or don’t, like it or don’t. In my experience, the resistance to it is more about preference than anything else.

an OVF is not an indication of talent so much as it is an indication of exposure latitude.

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