What about AF speed of adapted lenses on A7III body?

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What about AF speed of adapted lenses on A7III body?

I am debating at where to upgrade, I use Nikon FF and, barely, Fuji first iteration X-Trans, I won't leave Nikon where I slowly invested into lenses but since I haven't invested too much into Fuji I might either upgrade to a newer body to make use of the three lenses I already own (the do-it-all do-nothing-great 18-55, the magnificent 14/2.8 and same magnificent 35/1.4) or sell it all and jump ship onto a Sony but my concern is the expense being twice as much which would limit me to only buy a body and adapt the few Nikon G lenses I own (20-60-85) and to give up the handy controls on Fuji X-Tx series bodies (knobs to reach exp compensation, exp mode and ISO settings above it all).

In this instance I'd like to know, from those who have first hand experience, who is it the focus speed of adapted G Nikon lenses vs native ones.


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