What's the best all in one lense for a new young shooter?

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Re: What's the best all in one lense for a new young shooter?

threw the lens wrote:

Isn't it crazy you give a child a $500 camera at most and people are recommending $1500 lenses to go with it.

I think a 24-70 is a little short for one lens, it hardly gives them any of that telephoto feel. And for models? Human ones or scale ones?

A 24-105 either the old f4 white box, or the f5.6 version would be more interesting for them.

Don't forget Sigma & Tamron do interesting superzooms because they update theirs every other year, they are experts by now.

I don't even think the old 35-135 f3.5-4.5 is a bad idea if she's going to shoot people. Good range for it. Maybe throw in a cheap 50mm f1.8 to get them used to thinking more about their compositions.

i got serious with DSLRs in 2005 and got me a 5D and 24-10 f4.0, never regretted it! i have already suggested the 24-105 in my original post and i think any version of it will do, as you have noted. my feeling is that if an interested kid starts with a good lens, it may become impetus for their desire to become better photographers from earlier age once they see they can produce quality photos, IMO. i wouldn't waste their time with jellybean lenses so they give up on photography in a very short time. YMMV.

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