Help me pick a laptop spec?

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Re: Help me pick a laptop spec?

noneoftheabove wrote:

Can anyone suggest what the best balance of specs may be most suitable for photo processing?

After buying my Acer Spin3 laptop, one thing that I wish was different is that the headphone jack was on the left side instead of in the middle of the right side, to make it easier to use a mouse.  (I'm right handed)

The earbuds that I use while traveling has a right-angle plug and so the cable is sort of out of the way, but I still wish the headphone jack was on the left side of the laptop.

The external power jack on the Spin-3 laptop is on the right side but it is way back close to the screen so is of no consequence.

When I look for my next laptop, I'll try to buy one with the headphone jack on the left side, everything else being about the same between the laptops I'm interested in. Also that there are sufficient USB3 jacks on the left side so flash drives won't be in the way of using a mouse for right handed folks.

So my suggestion is to pay attention to the jack locations if that might be a concern to you.


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