Why do ppl prefer ricoh GR for "street photo"and not Sony RX100

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Re: Why do ppl prefer ricoh GR for "street photo"and not Sony RX100

valsan wrote:

MrHollywood wrote:


I can't speak this bluntly on the Ricoh forum,

i think you have being trolling the ricoh forum for a few weeks.

No, I did not "troll" anything. I gave factual info and got attacked by children. I owned a GRII and enjoyed it. But the GR has a rabid fanbase that does a disservice to those looking for info on what camera might suit them.

Here's my GR KIT...now sold...

Like I said, I enjoyed it. But I don't tell silly tales about it. The GR cameras have serious limitations, including street work.

We are happy with our rx100 cameras, there is no need to hijack threads over there.

you are doing what some M43/APSC/FF users do from time to time to this forum to the RX10/RX100 series.

if you are happy (as most rx100 users are, including me) just be happy.

Please go be a netkop elsewhere.

I posted in the Ricoh forum because my views are relevant to the GR and nothing I posted was incorrect. Two people throwing tantrums about those comments don't make me a troll.


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