What are the best Value Canon lenses?

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Re: What are the best Value Canon lenses?

50mm STM.  Amazing colour, contrast and sharp as heck!  And tiny and affordable.

24mm F2.8 STM pancake,  Tiny, great colour and contrast and sharp as heck and amazing value.  Slightly slower AF than the 50mm but not at all bad.

Wider - the 11-22 is excellent in good light and from 18mm onwards has very low distortion compared to kit zooms.  Again, great price.

I never shoot longer than 24mm anymore really so hard to say about longer lenses.

I've never owned it but if 50mm is too long (it is for my tastes) then the 40mm F2.8 pancake is also a fantastic lens.

Canon really know how to spoil their APS-C shooters!

With the 11-22, 24mm f2.8 and 40mm or 50mm you have WA to short tele covered at the cost of say one Fuji (I love Fuji so not a dig) prime and still great performance!

Long live Canon lenses!

(I'm still waiting for an 18mm F2/ f2.8 but it will never happen so I'd use the 11-22 at 18mm as way less distortion at 18mm than 18-55mm lenses.)

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