6d or 80d or something equivalent ?

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6d or 80d or something equivalent ?

I need a little help-suggestion on what camera body to buy...

a little background story...

I used to own a 6d and started doing my first professional-paid jobs with my 6d about 5 years ago...I had no problem at all and really loved my 6d in low light-high iso it was excellent but also nice pleasing colours ..My only complain was the autofocus point system with only 1..!! cross type point..Anyway as I progressed as a photographer and started getting more money from paid jobs I sold my 6d and bought a 5d mark iv

also as I was not feeling very safe with just one body I also bought a canon 70d to have as a backup-emergency body in my bag..also the 70d doubled up perfect as a lightweight traveling-trip camera...

Last week I sold my 70d to upgrade to something newer

By the way I have lots of ef lenses (24-105...24-70...tamron 85mm f1.8..canon ef 50mm 1.8stm 70-200 f2.8ii is) and also the two lenses that I was using with my 70d are my favourite 16-35f4L and an ef-s 18-200 is lens.,..believe me this lens is much sharper than what most reviews are saying..so I had lenses to cover me up for both FF and 1.6xcrop bodies

Now that I sold my 70d I am not sure what I should buy as a 2nd -backup body..

I don't have the money to go for a 6d mark ii or a canon RP body

So am thinking ,,,should I buy the 80d ,,it has a very good price now as new,,very good autofocus system and an articulated screen...or should I buy again the older 6d body that I will get a larger sensor? *(don't know if the older FF sensor of the 6d is much better than the newer aps-c 80d sensor? )

By they way I am photographing social events (ranging from daytime events to night venues..and also doing some fashion-studio work) I don't do any sports photography or video so fps and video quality do not interest me

I was also looking at the mirrorless m5 and m50 bodies but I think I will stay away from them as I will also need the m-ef adapter and also am not sure if the not quick access buttons that I am used to will make my life much difficult

Also is there any other canon camera for my needs to consider?

Canon 6D Mark II Canon EOS 6D Canon EOS 70D Canon EOS 80D Canon EOS M50 (EOS Kiss M)
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