New camera/lens for low-light sports/action?

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Re: New camera/lens for low-light sports/action?

MILC man wrote:

somebody had to educate you, because it's clear that you don't know anything about milc..

Silly little boy I keep telling you I have a have a full milc system.

Here is a recent photo from my milc camera Now show photo's from yours.

You do know we are talking about the reduced performance of adapted lenses on the E mount. Stay on track.

no, we aren't.

Yes we are, I wrote this.

You can fit a expensive adaptor to Sony which may work reasonably well but will reduce frame rate by 50%,

You decided to comment

no, the mc-11 for instance is only $150, and with supported sigma glass, you'll get 13-15fps af-c on the a9... I know because I've done it, as have a number of other people.

you'll never get 13-15fps af-c with those sigma dslr lenses, on any dslr body.

mc-11/supported sigma glass looks like a native lens to 3rd-gen sony bodies.

You really should understand what is being discussed.

you went o/t with your failed sony-bashing, like you always do... read the thread title: "New camera/lens for low-light sports/action?"

Strange I was commenting to the OP about a low light camera and the lenses you can obtain for them when you decided to have a rant about how Nikon is not as good as Sony which I corrected you on. You obviously have Alzheimer's

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