Eye Af Test FW 3.01 -- Not Happy and Not Working Well -- Is it me or.....

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Re: Eye Af Test FW 3.01 -- Not Happy and Not Working Well -- Is it me or.....

Jojophotomo wrote:

I don't mean to be a jerk, but 1/60th and AF-S at f/2 are asking for trouble if you're looking for critical focus on the eye.

Need more specifics. Not going to argue the first image in AF-S is OOF.

Which leads me to ask...what was your sample size for testing and what ratios of in focus/out of focus are you looking at?

The reason why I ask is because I haven't yet had problems with my A7III and eye AF and I've been running FW 3.0 since it came out.

No problem and that is why I said in the title.....Is it me.......?

I probably took 40 to 50 images with each setting.  My elbow was firmly on a horizontal surface and the subject was as still as possible.  I think the 1/60 may have been with fill flash.  The reason for this testing is for event photography where one might not have the time for slow and methodical setup of a shot.

As I stated in another post the final upshot with testing "in my hands" is I will use AF-C because of the high hit rate.  I can live with that even though AF-S has been highly successful in the past......even with the "slow" shutter speed.


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