Video card for 10 bit color in Photoshop CS6

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Re: Ummm, nope, not for Photoshop.

edispics wrote:

The OP ref was with respect to Photoshop.

Your card may very well support 10 bit, but does it do so for Photoshop?

Photoshop uses OpenGL buffers to support 10 bit per channel color. The problem is that only the Nvidia Quadro and AMD FirePro cards support that feature.

You're absolutely correct, edispics.  I have read over and over in these forums where people see the 10-bit drop-down in the AMD GUI (consumer grade cards) and when they have a 10-bit monitor, they jump to the conclusion they now have 10-bit in Photoshop.  The thing that GUI setting for 10-bit is showing you is how to set the DirectX games (the ones that do or can) to run at 10-bit.  But, as you say, it won't do anything for Photoshop.  I went down this road myself many moons ago, and for "Photoshop" there is no way of getting around this... you must go AMD Radeon Pro (older: Fire Pro), or Nvidia Quadro.

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