X-T1 to X-T3 or X-T30 - rejoice or regret?

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Re: X-T1 to X-T3 or X-T30 - rejoice or regret?

Pants McLee wrote:

I’m thinking of upgrading from my trusty X-T1 to the X-T3. The limited focus points on the X-T1 have alway driven me a bit batty, but mostly, I’m looking for improved overall AF performance, especially when shooting my husband’s road cycling.

I was seriously considering the X-T30, but my vision is also pretty poor (ha, ha, I know) and I wear specs, so I was a bit worried that the smaller EVF might pose an issue.

I know the quirks of my X-T1, and while I want the improvements of a newer camera body, I’m am nervous about trading known quirks for unknown quirks. Everything’s a compromise, so I’m curious to hear from other X-T1 users who have made the leap to either model. What do you feel you gained, and what (if anything) do you feel you lost in the upgrade?


The X-T30 really doesn't work well with glasses.  There is no eye cup as such and the ring around the viewfinder is hard and I always worry that it will scratch my glasses.  I bought a third party eye cup that mounts on the flash from eBay but when you are wearing glasses it pushes your eye too far away so you can't see all of the EVF.  I always end up removing my glasses if I want to shoot with the camera to my face which is way less than ideal.

I've never shot the X-T3 but it looks like it would work better if you wear glasses.

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