Is It capture the memory, or Photographic excellence?

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Re: Is It capture the memory, or Photographic excellence?

EvilOne wrote:

With respect to DPreview, I dont know how the rest of the world is evolving. For 60 years, the gear was very important. I'm not sure how or where the gear stands today.

Over my time here, the gear was a means to help achieve the best results possible with my limited abilities. Ive manage to capture a lot of memories, which have become priceless over the years, I have 80,000 photos ( keepers ) of the hundreds of thousands Ive taken over about 60 years of photography. I'm not really sure if any would be considered photographic excellence, but some are much better then others, but all the keepers, no matter their quality, are priceless to me. It would be very hard for me to deleate a single one of those 80,000.

Funny how I saw the rumblings of the demise of Sony, and kind of knew it would be coming . Being an A mount user since its inception, I stuck it out.. But the other day I went to the Canon site looking at gear.... At my age and health, it was just a " What if I bought " moment..... a means to rekindle the enthusiasm. Starting over at 74 years ? Hardly a real consideration. The thought came up ," Maybe I should have gone there 50 years ago.

Just conversation


I guess these days the only way to avoid obsolescence is not buy anything.  Take the A77ii, great camera, but it is viewed as a bit dated now and all people want is a replacement, as they are for the A99ii!   Smartphones have been the same but interestingly the market for the next latest thing seems to be dwindling a bit, and people are hanging on to the phones longer.

Perhaps there is a slow realisation that most of us never run the tech we have available now to the limit of its capabilities.  I feel now that my gear, photographic and otherwise, is easily better than me, and I am not using it to the max.    That of course could be a clear reflection on my skills not technology development.

I started with a Praktika L and a hand held (second hand) meter,  B&W film development in a tank in my bedroom.

I outgrew that camera fairly fast, and am pretty immune to G.A.S attacks now.  Tech has levelled off a level or two higher than my skill, but that doesn't bother me.  That's life.

I can still remember a set of shots I missed at an air show (late 60's) with the Praktika because, in a hurry, I hadn't threaded the film correctly.


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