Nikon Z6 and Z7 Service Advisory

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Re: Nikon Z6 and Z7 Service Advisory - Site Down!!

briantilley wrote:

ClosePhoto wrote:

And the first paragraph of the battery “recall” announcement, located on the “service advisory” page says: “Technical Service Advisory for users of the EN-EL15 rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack”.

So Nikon uses the terms interchangeably when it suits them. For problems representing a dangerous hazard that could result in death, their lawyers probably advised them to avoid ambiguous terminology.

A recall is any call by a manufacturer to return products to address a defect. Nikon isn’t the authority that defines language.

You said that Nikon NEVER uses the term "recall". You were wrong.

And, given how a "recall" announcement for any product tends to cause a hysterical outcry on the web, with calls for class-action suits and other forms of redress (rather than acceptance that it's usually the best course of action when a problem is discovered), I can forgive Nikon for choosing a term that is less likely to fan the flames.

Well I stand corrected, Nikon, on their “Service Advisory” page, announces a recall for batteries they go on describe as a “Service Advisory” for the batteries.

In any case, it sounds like it’s not only Nikon trying to avoid the negative impression given when a manufacturer has to recall defective products like the aforementioned bodies.  It’s some of their fans as well.

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