Youtubers' complaint about Eye-AF

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Re: Youtubers' complaint about Eye-AF

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I have heard a complaint by many youtubers that with the Eye-AF you have to select Auto-Area mode leaving you than no option to select the focus point.

I have reconfigured one of the function buttons to select the auto-focus area mode, so whenever I do not want the Eye-AF or the Eye-AF is for some reason stuck I can switch back to, say, single-point or wide-are.

It takes a fraction of second to operate the change, so why is everybody saying that this is a limitation of the Eye-AF?

Maybe I am missing something.

Asking because I am considering a Z6. Do you have 1) press fn button to select AF mode, then 2) select the mode, then 3) move the AF point where you want it? If so that is a minimum 3 clicks. Seems like a valid complaint to me.

You press a button and scroll a wheel to get into the AF mode for it and you're done. Once you're in that mode the camera automatically begins to track eyes/faces. You don't move the AF point around.

Olympus has face detection and it's OK at finding the face. If it can't find a face, if you press the directional pad the AF box is instantly moved that direction, so it''s only 1 press.

So in my mind ideally on the Z cameras, if face/eye detection isn't working if you just move the joystick the AF box should appear start to move around.

If face/eye isn't working you cannot move the AF point around (in auto AF mode). You have 2 options at this point - hit the OK button once to initiate subject tracking, then move the AF box that pops up where you want it and hit the AF-ON button to start tracking (keeps tracking even when AF-ON button is not held down but only refocuses with AF-ON button), or option 2 you switch to another AF mode (a button press + wheel scroll). Both options are quick to implement once you've developed muscle memory.

I like how Olympus does this, except that the face detection is only good at drawing a box around the face, giving you the impression your subject will be in focus. Unfortunately it's not so good at the actual focusing part.


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