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faster focusing i feel the 7d mk ii isnt quick enough and obviously full frame for better imagine quality , i dont know if the 1DX is better than 7d mk ii or if its the only option , that why i am asking anyone that may have used the two , thanks

I never felt like the 1DX was quicker focusing. The 1DX2, maybe... but the original 1DX didn't strike me as noticeable. I will say I thought the 1DX's I've shot were more accurate in their focusing than my 7D2 so you can expect that improvement.

The 1Dx series applies more power to AF drive, so when AF conditions are optimal, it should focus faster.

As far as the 1Dx being more accurate, could part of that be that the bigger pixels of the 1Dx make a wider range of focus offsets seem to be in focus? Big pixels throw away more fine detail, so the difference between perfect focus and very close may not be as apparent as with smaller pixels.

I put this down to hardware, the additional processor must have some value in validating its target. As for the bigger pixels, I don't think your theory fits.

The 1DX does have something on the 7D2 as far as IQ though. Which doesn't seem to make sense with conventional thinking, as the 7D2 has higher pixel density. I think Canon has built something into the 7D2 to differentiate it to the 1DX. Maybe its the AA filter, I don't know. But the IQ is definitely better on the 1DX.

...if you have to crop the 1Dx to 1.6x because you are focal-length-limited, the 7D2 is cleaner at low ISOs, and has more resolution but only slightly more noise at high ISOs.

Hmm... we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I don't see the 7D2 beating the 1DX, even at low ISOs. I understand why you would say that, (cropping effectively enlarges the noise) but I've not seen that manifest the way you suggest. Do you have any direct comparisons.

... A 7D2 with a 600/4 will have more subject resolution and less subject noise than a 1Dx at 600/5.6.

In this point, are you suggesting that we compare an underexposed image to a properly exposed image and judge the noise? I'm not sure why someone would do that.

What stood out to me was the high ISO ability of the 1DX, so add that to your list of reasons why.

... A 1.6x crop from the 1Dx has only a very marginal noise advantage over the 7D2 in the same situation with the same lens.

Again this is a tough one to agree with. I feel as though the difference between the two is a stop and a 1/3, possibly 1 and 2/3's. IMO, that is no small difference.

All your replies suggest to me that you're suffering from failure to recognize the role of scale. Everything you've said is about your impressions of the frames and the pixels, and never about common units of sensor area.

No, I'm simply saying I don't agree with nearly anything you said.

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