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Re: Nikon Z6 and Z7 Service Advisory - Site Down!!

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I am afraid the nature of recall already means everything.

It's not a "recall". Only people with an axe to grind use that term.



  1. a public call by a manufacturer for the return of a product that may be defective or contaminated

Nikon NEVER uses the term recall, it's always a "service advisory", when, in fact the product is being recalled by the manufacturer.

That is incorrect.  Nikon distinguishes between the terms "service advisory" and "recall", and uses both.

The term "recall" has been used in at least two situations - to deal with problems involving the EN-EL3 and EN-EL15 batteries.  These were issues where using the product could be dangerous, and in each case Nikon handled it by recalling the affected batteries and replacing them.

So in Nikon's terminology, "recall" denotes possible danger - replace, whilst "service advisory" denotes not operating correctly - repair.

See the list here:

The D810, D750, D600 and now the D6/D7 were RECALLED back to Nikon for repairs.

"Service Advisory" is a term chosen by corporate public relations departments precisely because it masks the negative connotations of the term "recall".

Don't try to amplify corporate PR slight of hand and criticize the people who are calling it by it's accurate name, a recall.

It may be just PR, but we may as well get it right

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