Eye Af Test FW 3.01 -- Not Happy and Not Working Well -- Is it me or.....

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Re: a camera test with respect to any AF functionality with a 3rd party lens is pointless

voronspb wrote:

FastJimmy wrote:

However Zeiss has a very close relationship with Sony, so much so, that it seems to use the same upgrade software for its Batis line. This is in contrast to Sigma, Tamron, etc.

Not close enough, so it seems. In older Zony lenses only the optical unit supposedly had some relation to Zeiss, not MCU and firmware. Now Zeiss, Tamron and Sigma are seemingly in the same boat.

On phillipreeve.net website I saw a vague mention that not all AF problems with Batis 40 were solved in new FW. Also v.3 camera FW could have brought even more incompatibility.

All of above is pure speculation, of course.

P.S. IMHO 1/60 s is too slow for photos of people, unless they intentionally freeze before the camera. I prefer 1/125 s for normal shots and at least 1/250 s for moving people.

The 1/60th was with flash.  I made several images and w/same settings the A9 hd a much higher hit rate.  I will be doing some further testing but at this point I will be using the Batis sparingly w/r3 and with any lens I may use only AF-C, cognizant of the shutter speed.

Again as I mentioned in another post, when I went in to purchase the lens last week, I took several shots in store, compared it with another lens snd found eye-AF to work perfectly each time - the only difference being both the cam and lens had older firmware.


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