Youtubers' complaint about Eye-AF

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Re: Youtubers' complaint about Eye-AF

It seems that we both have developed a means of speeding up the tweaking process. Personally I have little problem with the default settings for auto functions such as minimum shutter speeds set to 2x, no matter what the lens. Also improving the buffer will hopefully not be necessary once the new card type is available. For my action requirements, they are fine. What is not fine though, is the type of autofocus required to perform best under unknown  future lighting conditions. The three touch approach, is not acceptable for spontaneous acquisition. For my needs, I have found that using the U1, U2, and U3 settings to one step a quick  auto focus lock is a fix that I can live with. It is still not universal but the hit percentage improves greatly. Future software improvements will hopefully make this unnecessary as well. Nikons' first firmware update has helped dramatically. More is needed though. Hopefully, they are coming in short order. Now if I could only get the joystick center button to switch to Highlight weighted metering instead of matrix without having to implement a two button motion ( A quick one button fix for the spotlight sequences is needed). Usually, those spotlights result in blown highlights.They are quick and generally an unknown ( to the audience), as to when they occur. The faster that I can accommodate them, the better off.Mike

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