Flashy Lizard, Stormy Birds, Cypress Forest Dwellers (5/21/19)

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Flashy Lizard, Stormy Birds, Cypress Forest Dwellers (5/21/19)

Hey, I feel like I'm moving again!  I have finally gotten past March 9th from the last 3 posts, and this time can move on to some shots I took out in the wetlands on March 16.  It was a rainy day, so I had to walk between the raindrops so to speak...the light was overcast, but that's not always bad as it is at least even on the wildlife in the early afternoon.

The last few posts were BIF heavy, so this time, no BIFs.  All shots are with the A6300 and FE100-400mm GM combo, and posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

Getting some closeup work out of the big white lens - this green anole actually jumped up on the rail next to me to do some pushups and flex his dewlap at me, to show me what a tough guy he was (showing up for the ladies of course)

After a spell of pushups, he'd settle down and just look at me with that little blue eye.  I love their tiny scale details when you get to really look at them up close

Out in the wet, and grey, wetlands, this snowy egret was wading through the shallows on the hunt (despite the sound of grey and wet, don't think 'London' or north - it was still quite balmy and tropical...just without the sun!)

Some distant mottled ducks, cruising in my direction in the still waters, making long ripples out across the pond

A male blue-winged teal, sitting very still and having a rest, on some submerged reeds (I'm amazed how still they can be - not a ripple emanating out)

The all-black male boat-tailed grackle, showing that those black feathers are a lot more colorful than they first appear - as the iridescence shines even in the dull overcast light.  This one was doing a mating dance, where they stick the head straight up and make a call

Close with a green heron, who was busy hunting for fish in the shallows, and paid me no mind at all

Into the dark cypress forest we go, which was even darker on the overcast day.  Yet that seemed to bring it to life a bit, with some small wintering and migrating birds moving through...

The black-and-white warbler, 'PMM'.  At least that's what I nickname them - Perpetual Motion Machine.  These birds pretty much refuse to ever stop moving - this one was up and down the branches of this cypress hunting for bugs and grubs

Following them from branch to branch, every 1-2 seconds or so, at 400mm will give you a workout, and really help hone your panning/following skills!

Another cute wee little bird passing through for spring - the blue-headed vireo...always noticeable with their bold white eye ring

The blue-headed vireo does his own fast hopping through the branches too - all the small birds are in motion all the time, but at least they stop for a few seconds on occasion to mull where to go next

It's in those rare contemplative moments - just a few seconds, that you can nab a shot - though they still like to make it challenging by forcing you to shoot through lots of pine needles and branches...the bokeh effect can be interesting when there are invisible foreground branches being shot through!

Yep - I've shared the yellow-bellied sapsucker in a previous post...and I said she'd be back again!  Here is the lovely female sapsucker, working on the side of a cypress tree with its grid of holes - drill first, then go back to drink the leaking sap

She worked her way down, reaching the end of a new grid of holes on this side of the tree

Then she passed an older field of holes, and moved her way to a fresh new spot - you can see her test drill holes leading over from the older holes which she already drained.  She does all this constant work just 8-10 feet away from me, without the slightest shred of concern about my presence!

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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