How to get the wysiwyg back on the T3?

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Re: How to get the wysiwyg back on the T3?

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Resurrecting this thread, I’d like to know if the OP sorted this out or if anyone else can add anything.

Got my X-T3 today, this afternoon just started playing around with it taking photos of the dog inside. Took about 6, jpg only, before looking at them and they were all hugely underexposed and this hadn’t shown up at all in what you see in the EVF or LCD.

Had ISO and aperture in auto, manual SS, realised that max ISO was 3200 so changed that and dropped the shutter speed and managed to get ok exposure.

Have preview set to awb/exp, is there anyway to get a more WYSISWYG in the EVF if you aren’t in full manual mode?

This is my biggest gripe about my Fuji bodies. There are several other threads on the subject.

The fact is that the X-T3 and at least some other Fuji bodies, are WYSIWYG only in manual mode. If you are in aperture or shutter priority then the EVF or back screen will always look like the image properly exposed regardless of whether the exposure is correct.

You can see this behavior by doing the following: Switch the camera to shutter priority (Set a low ISO, set aperture to A and select a fast shutter speed). With a low enough ISO and fast enough shutter speed the image will be under exposed. The EVF/LCD will not show you this; the evf will look like your exposure is correct. The only indication that the image will be under exposed is that the aperture speed shown on the evf will be red at it's largest setting.

There is no way to change this with a setting. I keep hoping that Fuji will offer an update that will offer a new setting to change this behavior.

That doesn’t apply to either my X-T2 or X-H1. In both cases, depending on which has been set as priority, either the aperture or shutter speed will vary in order to keep the exposure consistent as metered. However, the exposure compensation dial in intended to be used to adjust the metered exposure up or down as needed and the effect is echoed in the WYSIWYG VF display. You can see the changed settings in the VF as EC is applied. So, I’m at a loss to see what’s missing. EC is simply intended to adjust the metered exposure as needed, and most often, what I see through the VF is good enough to do this “by eye.”

So precisely what “update” are you expecting Fuji to apply here?

The X-T2 exhibits exactly the same behavior. In manual mode the viewfinder is WYSIWYG, In A and S modes the viewfinder shows a properly exposed image regardless of how the actual image will look. Depending on your settings the image capture may be over or under exposed but the viewfinder will still be normal brightness.

To see this behavior do the following- In a normally lit room shoot S priority. Set a low iso 100, shutter 1/8000 and Aperture controlled by the camera. The image in the viewfinder will be normal but the image will be underexposed. The only indication in the viewfinder will be the red aperture indication.

In this situation one could reference the EC indicator or Histogram.  Not ideal, but better than guessing on the visual outcome.

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