SLRHut is NOT to be trusted

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SLRHut is NOT to be trusted

A terrible place. This review is to inform you ‘potential’ customers how I’ve spent over £2,000 on my first combined orders and was sent 5 faulty/damaged products...

And more importantly how I was treated by the famous SLRHut team -wow they are cruel - please read carefully and then ask yourself if you really trust this company - read on (if you have the stomach for it)...

Their customer service is a PAINFUL experience. SLRHut actually pretends to operate from within the UK, having a London address in Kennington, Unit 17 a 336 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 5HY...

But in actual fact they’re operating in New York, US... someplace in Brooklyn. Also, their manufacturers are based at 40 Montgomery Street, Hillside, NJ, 07205 US... said so on both packages that arrived to my London address.

SLRHut have a UK website and a US website, the UK site prompts customers to leave a review of their services, they ask for reviews but they actually refuse to show real ones on their site because they don’t want real folk (like myself) to leave a FACTUAL review about their scammy and CORRUPT behaviour...

As soon as I filled in my details and hit the send/register button nothing happened - my details weren’t accepted.

So that made it impossible for me to leave an HONEST review of their deceit...

When I alerted SLRHut to this matter they responded with a bland tone saying that they will not attempt to fix this problem - no reason given.

I spent over £2,000 on two orders - one was a Nikon DSLR 3500 Bundle costing just over £500 and I allowed John (the salesman) to upsell me with a few extras and two spare batteries, but both of these batteries were incompatible with my DSLR because a warning message explained that these batteries could not communicate with my camera and could damage it if not removed and replaced with the original.

Neither of these batteries looked identical to the original which came factory standard with my camera...

Also to inform you that all goods I purchased as bundle deals were all imports from China - not UK London, or New York Brooklyn...

One battery was black and the other grey, and both were without the original Nikon stamp like the battery that I found in the original DSLR D3500 box.

When I reported this to John (the salesman who took my money) he ignored my email. So I rang their number which is a UK London number (0203 686 124) - an internet based number to mask their real location over there in New York) but they just evaded me, passing me around like a yo-yo between their sales and customer service teams who just placed me on hold and hung up on me.

I knew they were giving me the run-around. The next problem was that they started to ignore my emails again, but this time I found more issues with my Mavic 2 Pro order where another upsell of theirs went wrong too - in this drone bundle the Stabiliser Pack didn’t fit my drone, it was for the zoom not the Hassleblad.

Next, the Filter Kit was also not built for my drone but for the Zoom instead, and so couldn’t be used, and the extra virtual reality machine was second hand and broken - poorly packaged and dusty too, (like to say it had been a display piece) without wires or batteries or a proper instructions manual - it looked like a total disgrace - mixing bad and cheap equipment with good equipment.

I paid this corrupt company over £2,000 GBP... I live in London, UK, but SLRHut are a US based company operating inside of New York City.

They’ve replied once to my emails via a woman named Sarah, but every email I’ve sent to John (the salesman who took both my orders) has been totally ignored.

When Sarah wrote to me she was only interested in one of my orders and now she too ignores me.

These people are willing to loose a decent customer because of a couple batteries, a stupid Virtual Reality machine, some Filters, and a Stabiliser pack.

My first two orders I made simultaneously and I allowed them to upsell me several times before even receiving my first order - I trusted them and they choose to rob and mock me because I am all the way over here in London, many miles from them.

I’m full of regret for shopping with these thieves...

My project was stalled because of SLRHut’s corrupt and ignorant behaviour. I am disgusted by how rude and blasé they’ve been, and I feel as though I have been robbed online from a bunch of thieves and greedy individuals posing online as a decent company.

SLRHut are continually evading my calls and emails, so I reported them to an online service for disappointed consumers. This place is called Resolver, they wrote to SLRHut on my behalf but on getting their attention the same customer service agent who was ignoring me (Sarah) wrote to me saying how I should ring her at SLRHut to deal with the matter BUT she’s just been giving me the run-around, not answering or responding to me.

All this in an effort to evade me so that my case is stalled so that I cannot qualify for a refund in the allocated time period of “14 days.”

The longer they stall my complaints and my refund requests the easier it is for them to refuse me a refund... how cunningly corrupt.

I was duped into believing the hype about how great their service was, and their good reviews on Trustpilot had me put my trust in them...

But I no longer believe most of the reviews I see here as they do not reflect my own poor experiences of SLRHut - something very suspicious is going on here. Rotten fish.

I no longer want SLRHut to replace the products, instead I request a full refund for the 2 Nikon batteries, the Virtual Reality Goggles, the Filter Kit, the Stabilisers - and I request a sincere apology for how they’ve treated me so far...

Until this happens I’ll continue my investigation.

Buyers be very careful of SLRHut - avoid like the plague. Seriously.

Nikon D3500
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