Something futile nowadays?

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Something futile nowadays?

With these massive (8 to 16TB) or bigger hard disks, who wipes their hard disks now? I also heard RAID is at the point where it may not be reliable for RAID 5 (Article is dated July 2007. 2009 - 10 years ago)?

"So now what? The obvious answer, and the one that storage marketers have begun trumpeting, is RAID 6, which protects your data against 2 failures. Which is all well and good, until you consider this: as drives increase in size, any drive failure will always be accompanied by a read error. So RAID 6 will give you no more protection than RAID 5 does now, but you'll pay more anyway for extra disk capacity and slower write performance.

Gee, paying more for less! I can hardly wait!"

"Comments welcome, of course. I revisited this piece in 2013 in Has RAID5 stopped working? Now that we have 6TB drives - some with the same 10^14 URE - the problem is worse than ever."

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