X-T1 to X-T3 or X-T30 - rejoice or regret?

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Re: X-T1 to X-T3 or X-T30 - rejoice or regret?

Pants McLee wrote:

Thanks so much for this, Jim!

I'm already used to carrying a spare battery for the X-T1 (Coming from Nikon, Fuji's low battery mileage took some getting used to.) and find I generally need that second battery towards the end of a day of casual shooting. Do you find yourself dipping into that third battery a lot?

For casual shooting only I think you will be perfectly fine with two batteries.

In terms of the colours being less vivid - is that something you're finding easy to adjust in post or is there a different overall feel to the images?

I had XT1 and sold it for something else much more expensive thinking that I was going to get "superior" or better results (per my personal application) then ended up purchasing the X-H1 and then ended up selling, the main reason? Over all I was not 100% pleased with the color output so I said to myself why did I paid so much more money so I got rid of my X-H1 and purchased two used XT1 at dirt cheap prices. There is more to my story but in short that's what happened.

No matter how much I tried adjusting the image in PP the colors tones from the XH1 took me much longer to tune up and the colors were somehow not at smooth and rich as the XT1 and the files from the XT1 are so much easier to adjust.

Yes color taste is completely subjective and you might not even notice the difference between the XT1 and XT3 I really cannot say. At the same time color taste being subjective the fact is that the color tones are not the same. That's a fact.

The XT3 is superior than the T1 in many ways and it is a way more refined camera, the dials, AF joystick, AF performance, but I decided to sacrifice all that for pure color taste, plus some extra $$$ savings

My recommendation to you is to rent a XT3 and try it for yourself and perhaps you can compare by photographing the things that matter the most to you. Don't get me wrong, I photographed a few events with the XH1 which is pretty much the same thing as the T3 and the images are outstanding and the resolution is definitely there and you will notice that, but I made the choice to stay with the already fantastic 16MP Xtrans sensor which is no slouch at all. The newer sensors have different qualities, again, only you would know which one you prefer and once using the T3 you might not even care for the old XT1.

The XT3 costs five times more than a used XT1 and to me for image quality alone it is not worth it. Now please understand that I also have a faster camera, the D4 so do please take a note that if I didn't have a D4 I can assure you that I would have purchased the XT3 for the faster and better AF performance, BUT, I would NOT sell the XT1 and would keep it to pair them both. The XT1 is so good and so inexpensive that is not worth getting rid of it, IMHO.

Going back to the battery subject you asked above, I personally don't think I will buy another newer Fuji until they come out with a much better and bigger battery. I already lost two of the new $70 original 126S. Call me dumb and irresponsible because I am the first one I lost last year I actually forgot it and left it plugged in with the charger on the wall outlet in a hotel ball room while doing a photoshoot. The second one I lost it recently and I have no idea where I left it. I have a bunch of them and they are so small and easy to misplace is really annoying. The batteries for the older XT1 are much cheaper and work well so I wont feel so much pain when I place the order to replace the two that I lost.

The XH1 and XT3 are all fantastic cameras.  The performance and construction is way more refined and they feel very nice in the hand but we all have our own priorities and personal taste

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