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Where are all the REALLY cool z-mount lenses?

When I recently jumped ship over to Nikon (an expensive proposition) one of the prime reasons was the new Z-mount.

The bigger hole was supposed to do wonderful things, particularly for very wide-angle lenses under low-light conditions - where I spend a lot of time.

OK - so - where are they - roadmap or not.

I bought the "kit zoom" and it is pretty good. I like the performance. 
BUT it is probably not exactly rocket science to design a decent ** F4 ** lens.

wait, wait ... here it comes, the PRO version f/2.8 (back to the future) for $2300 - more than my Z 6.

Are you kidding me?? I guess I am not in the pro class, but where is the f2.8 secret sauce? 10% lighter, 12% shorter or whatever the real numbers are. Not enough of a difference to feel anything.

I got a 35mm f1.8 at a VERY high price, hoping for miracles. ehh ... sold it.

I got the 14-30mm - hey, sounds interesting, but looking at starfields at f/4 there seems to be some astigmatism in the corners. At least the coma seems well controlled, but, then you need to have something bright to see it.

Wasn't the miraculous Z-mount supposed to solve these problems?

I have tried several f-mount lenses that can do the same thing at lower prices for less money with a much lower f-stop. Then the prices start dropping a few months after purchase. What is with that?

Suddenly, the $3300 camera body is selling for $2700, and you just lost a bunch of value.

Hey, at $2600 maybe I will get a z 7 - always wanted a really high-res sensor.

But, what if the Z 9 comes out two months later and it has all this super-stuff ...

Where's the beef? Have I been taken for a ride?

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