Would Omd Em5 iii get a lens bundle?

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Re: Would Omd Em5 iii get a lens bundle?

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I would expect it to come with a 12-200 bundle as the standard-ish kit, and maybe a 14-40 & 40-150 dual pro kit.

As for pricing, difficult to say without knowing the body cost, but (from my math) you get about 50% off the body price when you total up the lens prices of a kit.

If body-only goes for like 1200 (not too crazy considering the competition, a6400, xt30, G9, GH5 etc.), maybe I can hope for 1600 USD-ish with 12-40 PRO? I guess that might be too optimistic. Anything more might be hard to justify considering I'm just a hobbyist and married. Hmmm.......

I would much rather have a pro-zoom or a good primes than consumer zooms. Hopefully there will be other options besides 12-200 (which I agree is a likely for a bundle)

The idealized EM5.3 is DOA considering the quoted price range and the competition that already occupies that segment. It's time to move on, guys.

I ‘ve not seen a “quoted” price range but am definitely interested in the E-M5 III. Could you provide more specifics on this pricing?

Well, the "quoted" or commonly-discussed price range is the price range that the EM5 series has occupied since its inception: $999 body only for the original EM5, $1099 body only for the EM5 Mk II.

The problem is that time has moved on, the competition has moved on, but the. EM5 can't. Olympus has a history of keeping prices at MSRP / RRP as long as they can, meaning that a new EM5.3, if and when it ever shows up, will be at a logical minimum $1099 price....

I have no issue paying more for an Olympus camera that is comparable to a Panasonic one. Say it follows the trend of slight price increases due to inflation, development and competition, I would be happy to pay £1199.

The reason: Olympus materials feel nicer and look better. I bet there are a few who were initially drawn to Olympus by the handsome looks, and stuck around for the great feel in the hand. Panasonic cameras have always felt too plastic for my taste.

No doubt there will be various trade in incentives and cash back offers at release to effectively bring the price down. Buying the body only has always been the less cost effective way to do so, with a kit being better value as you can sell the lens on to recoup... Generally...

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