Bassi Falls with the Fujifilm S200EXR

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Re: Bassi Falls with the Fujifilm S200EXR

Sactojim wrote:

Brett E Carlock wrote:

I read your posts on the Kodak forum, and looked for reviews of recent Kodak super-zoom models., but information is scarce. Can't tell what Raw format they produce.

On B&H, the AZ901 is highest priced, but the AZ652 has a more reasonable lens and gets good reviews. Very low prices, good image quality, however no 4K video.

AZ901: DNG

Not sure for the AZ652, but likely DNG if it's using the same firmware platform.

The AZ652 has the same DNG as AZ901


AZ = astro zoom. The first two numbers are the zoom range: 90x for the AZ901 and 65x for the AZ652. The 90x lens is very soft at wide angle. I can't find samples of the 65x lens.

Wrong newsgroup, sorry.

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