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JeremyB2 wrote:

First of all, many thanks to everyone at this forum for being so helpful and friendly. I have been lurking for several months while making a decision about which camera I shall buy to supplement my Canon SX50 and I have now decided on the Sony RX100 Mk 6. I shall be buying the camera within the next month or so prior to trekking in the Langtang Valley in Nepal and will greatly appreciate comments relating to my questions below. I do realise that many of the answers to these questions can be found by looking back on earlier postings, but I ask for your tolerance in hoping for up-to-date concise information.

Enjoy Nepal. I've done two trips there and the scenery and people are wonderful. Do some trials at home with HDR - useful when inside monasteries when dim inside with brightly lit windows in the scene. Experiment with in camera HDR, and also exposure bracketing and HDR via software on computer.

I took my RX100VI on the multi-day Tour du Mont Blanc hike, and it did a wonderful job. 24-200 zoom range handled everything I needed. If you were going on a primarily wildlife viewing trip, such as safari in Africa, or wildlife in Antarctica, then 200 mm would not be sufficient.

2) I will want an out-of-the camera battery charger. I'm not clear if the supplied 'AC adapter' is the same thing as a battery charger? I suspect not. If an out-of-camera battery charger is not supplied the optional Sony one seems to be quite expensive but is it worth it? Recommendations for an equivalent alternative?

Dual slot charger that runs off of USB, so you can use your cellphone charger when traveling:

Very small Sony charger that also runs off of USB, great for travel:

3) It appears that a grip is an essential with this small camera. It seems as though some grips rely purely on double-sided tape whereas another one (Photodiox) looks as though it has a screw attachment to a section fixed to the camera base. Has anyone ever had a problem with a double-sided tape attached grip coming off? I'm not sure if the Richard Franiec grip is still available. Are their any other good alternatives aside from the proprietary Sony one? Ideally I would prefer a grip that does not project beyond the lens ring at the front or add too much to the width of the camera.

I've had Sony grip on several different RX100 models. They work fine, are pleasant to grip, and will not fall off.

4) Recommendations for memory cards? I currently have SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC cards, Class 10, U3, V30. I shan't be using much video to start with, so will this type of card be adequate for the time being?

For the highest quality bit rate 4K video, you need SDXC speed class U3 cards. An SDHC card will not allow you to select that highest quality 4K setting - you will get an error message.

5) Screen protector recommendations?

I have not used a screen protector on any of my numerous cameras for years, and have not had a problem. Keep the camera in a padded case when you are not actually shooting, and you will be fine. If you expect to put the camera in your pocket with keys, coins, etc., then a screen protector would be a good idea.

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