Youtubers' complaint about Eye-AF

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Re: Youtubers' complaint about Eye-AF

Mikspin wrote:

The camera U settings will not affect the other U functions if they are all the same, except for the autofocus. Mike

It affects all functions.  If they are the same, you won't notice, even if they are changed.

But I don't keep all settings exactly the same all the time, including things like shutter speed.  Here's an example:  I have created an "action" mode for myself.  In this, I set:

  • Shutter speed to 1/2000 (my default)
  • Raw to 12-bit lossless to improve burst speed and buffer depth
  • AF-C, dynamic area
  • (I wish I could also save the shutter release type to continuous-high)

If I'm shooting sports, I may want to alternate between turning face & eye-AF on (when people are running toward me) and dynamic area (where I am trying to track a ball).  If I use the U1 as the above, not only do I have to get out of the EVF and change the upper dial between U1 and shutter priority, I'd also have to reset the shutter speed in-between toggles; and every time I go back into U1, I'll start at 1/2000 again.

And this is very different from my "landscape" mode, where I'll use 14-bit, AF-S, and pinpoint.  If I'm travelling, I may want to frequently swap between this and portraits of family and friends.  But I can't use that U1 above, because I'd have to manually reset the shutter speed, raw bit depth, etc.

So it's really not the same thing.  It works in one and only one scenario:  where you never change any setting other than autofocus mode.  If this is how you shoot, great.  But I don't shoot like this, and I doubt most Z6 / Z7 shooters do either.

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