Eye Af Test FW 3.01 -- Not Happy and Not Working Well -- Is it me or.....

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Re: I rarely get sharp pics at that slow speed

Joohan wrote:

Humans do move all the time and the ibis will only compensate your movements. Without flash you should be doing 400/1 at least. The high resolving sensors are really sensitive for very very small movements. Sometimes ibis in itself can create blurry images if not taken a series of them and then pick the sharp ones.

I concur.

However, even though not completely scientific I chose not to use a tripod nor did I place the subject's head in a vise.    However I did stabilize my arm and hand..  and also made as sure as could be that my subject was as still as possible.  The fact I was able to get an extremely sharp result using AF-C proved to me that, even at the speeds used, that the combo of lens/cam can get a sharp result.

The whole issue is of some concern during events when it may not be convenient to take 10 or 15 photos of the same subject and choose the best.  Generally I use flash and bump up the aperture as high as 7.1.  That obviously allows a greater DOF but when I decide to shoot f/2 or lower there may be an issue.

Lastly as I stated in another post, the A7r3 w/FW 1.1 (yup, early) was uncanny at eye-AF.  Even my A7r2 was just as good...as well as my A9's.  The current FW, at least in my hands requires a workaround and can be dealt with.  Admittedly it may be just me, but I've been shooting for a very long time and have stayed with Sony because of great innovation and,, most importantly an eye-AF that makes my life a lot easier.  Sadly, it has just gotten a little harder.


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