Olympus TG-6 Specs Leaked - No big changes?

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Re: Olympus TG-6 Specs Leaked - No big changes?

Enders Shadow wrote:

'In Focus Stacking mode, users can now set between 3 and 10 shots for more versatility and to fine tune settings for different subjects and more precision in the finished shot.'

Useful update for those of us wanting to do a quick macro shot with focus stacking...

'The popular Underwater White Balance mode has been expanded to three options, providing appropriate colour adjustment for deep water shooting.'

This is a feature I always wished my TG-3 offered....

I think the upgraded LCD is probably going to be this camera's most appealing feature. TG users have been complaining for years about the low resolution screen used for this range. Olympus finally seem to have listened and done something about it.

The 460k dot LCD was introduced with the TG-3... to provide a brighter display.

The display is small, which might be worse than its low resolution. It's hard to make a precise framing especially in bright sunlight. Cellphones have far better screens!

Hopefully there's additional changes besides these.

I'd like to see a way of setting JPEG+Raw permanently. As far as I can tell, it must be set every time the TG5 is powered on.

Also, the IO Share app cannot transfer Raw (ORF) files. This is a bug since 2017 or before.


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